Step 2: Add teams & groups

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Creating teams

Once the locations are registered on the platform, it is time to create the different teams. Go to 'Settings' under the control panel and click on Teams in the pre-setup tab. The teams can be created by clicking on the green + Add button. Here you then have to fill in the general information of this team (name, age, gender, ...). If necessary, you can also enter the standard playing site, standard pitch, standard dressing rooms so that these are automatically indicated for each training session and home game in the platform.

Add groups

In order to facilitate communication between different club members, different groups can be created (e.g.: scouting department, coaches, medical department, ...). To create groups, go to 'Groups of members' in the Control Panel. To add a new group, press the green + Add button. Click the blue 'Assign members' button to add members to a specific group. To remove a member from a specific group, press the red cross behind his/her name.

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