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Via this tab, you can draw up forms for e.g. talent days or trial periods, after which you can open these forms on the club website for interested people to fill in. The completed forms will then immediately be visible in the 'Requests' tab.

To create a new form, click on the 'Add' button. A pop-up will open where you can enter the information for the new form and click on confirm:

  • Name: name of the form

  • Description: extra info that will be visible on the form

  • Confirmation message: the message that people will see after filling in the form

  • Publish from: the dates in between which the form will be published

  • Trial period: the dates of the trial period for which people can subscribe via this form

  • Gender: for which gender the trial period is

  • Date of birth: for players of which age the trial period is

Now by clicking on the green button behind the created form, you can choose the language of the form. The form will open in a new tab after which you can use the URL on the club website. As soon as a new request has been submitted, it will be visible in the '# Requests' column. By clicking on the blue button behind a form, you will see all requests in the 'Requests' tab.

If you wish to see all entered info of a player, you can click on the yellow button. A popup will open where you can see all the player's info. If you wish to remove the request, you can check the box in front of the player and then click the red button 'Remove'. If you wish to admit the player to the test period, click on the checkbox after the player. The player will then automatically appear in trial periods from which you can continue working.

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