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On this page you can create formations per playing style (11x11, 8x8, 5x5, ...) which you can then use in the game preparation and game report. Click the green 'Add' button to create a new formation. You can enter the name and choose which playing style it is for. You can still change the name of a formation afterwards, but not the playing style.

After adding a formation, you can click the blue 'Define formation' button to set up your formation. Depending on which playing style you have chosen, you will see the number of available players at the bottom.

If you are going to select a formation in the game preparation or game report, the selected players will automatically be placed on their best position if this position is active in the chosen formation. If you change the formation in het game preparation or report, the players already on the pitch will automatically be placed in the position corresponding to the new formation (example: position 2 in a 4-4-2 becomes position 2 in a 3-4-3).

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