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Before an evaluation can be completed, you must create an evaluation type. This consists of different categories and skills and each skill is linked to a value list (star rating / score / selection). The best way to create an evaluation type is as follows:

  1. Criteria values
  2. Evaluation type
  3. Categories & skills

Criteria values

There are 3 possible types of value lists:

  • Star rating: Evaluating based on stars (quantitative)

  • Score: Evaluating based on preset scores (quantitative)

  • Selection: Evaluating based on words (qualitative)

To create a new value list, simply click the green 'Add' button. Give your value list a description and select the type of value list.

After adding a new value list, you can click on the name and a new frame will appear on the right. There you can add/edit specific values or scores. For example, a value can go from bad to very good or can include different aspects of football such as passing, heading, scoring.

Evaluation type

The evaluation types are divided into different groups:

  1. Player
  2. Goalkeeper
  3. Scouting
  4. School
  5. Staff

To create a new evaluation type, click on the green 'Add' button. A pop-up window will appear where you can add the name and default language of this new evaluation type. It is also possible to add translations if you want this type to be able to filled out in different languages.

Categories & Skills

The next step is to create different categories, which will then contain all the skills per category (for example: Technique). To add a new category click on the evaluation type you want to use and then click the green 'Add' button.

You can also give a category a statistical weight. By entering a value, you can indicate that this value is worth x number of times more than a default value. For example: if you enter a value of 1 for the categories 'Mental' & 'Physical' and a value of 2 for 'Technique', then the category 'Technique' will be twice as important in the total report as the category 'Mental' & 'Physical'.

Once a category has been added to an evaluation type you can add skills that staff members can use for evaluating the players. When adding a skill you can choose one or more types to rate the skill. Depending on the type chosen, you can set up pre-added value lists.

There are 9 different types to evaluate a skill:

  1. Star rating: Allows you to rate a skill with stars.
  2. Text: Allows you to add a comment or feedback in a text box.
  3. Strenght-Working points: Allows you to rate a player based on a predefined list of values.
  4. Selection: Allows you to drag one or more values into the space provided.
  5. Game situation: Gives you the opportunity to draw a game situation (click on the field) and give corresponding feedback.
  6. Selection list (1 value): Requires the assessor to select only one value from a predefined list of values.
  7. Emoticons: Allows you to select one of three emoticons (sad - neutral - happy).
  8. Video: Allows you to select a video from the Video library.
  9. Score: Gives you the possibility to assess a skill with a numerical score.

When adding a skill, you can also choose whether the assessment field is mandatory or not for the assessor. Both the categories and the skills can be placed in the correct order using the 3 lines next to the title.

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