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Via the settings of this module, you will manage the sharing of data across platforms. As a first step, you can indicate which data you wish to share and which data you do not. By checking the box behind exercises, training sessions, tactics and videos you agree to share these data. Users with the necessary rights can then share this data with other clubs.

For both exercises and tactics you can also set them to be shared automatically. By clicking on the blue button behind the check mark, a new box will appear on the right side. You can then indicate per category of the exercises or tactics with whom you would like to share them via the yellow button at the back. Besides a club, this can also be groups of clubs, so that you can share it for example with all your partner clubs.

All new and existing exercises or tactics related to this category will be shared with the club or club group that you have entered. In addition, there is a live synchronisation between club A and club B, so any changes made by club A will also be synchronised with club B.
When the type box is unchecked, anything that has already been shared will remain shared!

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