Step 6: Organise a workshop for coaches

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Before all invitations are sent out to the staff members, we strongly recommend that you organise a workshop at the club. In order to prepare for this workshop, each administrator should have enough knowledge of ProSoccerData and enough documents to support them.

Important things you need to provide during the workshop:

  1. Why the club wants to implement ProSoccerData
  2. How they can plan activities & report on training & game performance.

At the end of the workshop you let all coaches know that they will receive an invitation to ProSoccerData (see next article). Together with the invitation, the club can also send out an extra e-mail with some more information for the coaches. Below is an email-template that you can use:

E-mail template for coaches

Dear staff members,

As promised I send you some more information regarding the use of ProSoccerData. Please find in attachment an introduction on the basic functionalities of the platform. I recommend you all to read this carefully before you start to use PSD.

Shortly, you will receive a separate e-mail invitation to access our club platform.

Our club platform will be accessible through the following URL:

If you need help or have additional questions, you can always contact me.

Best regards,

Your name

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