How to create clips?

Updated by Silvio Di Mattia

A clip is a fragment of a video. You can create these clips with the aim of saving them on the player profile or using them in a playlist.

You can only create clips from videos that were uploaded to the Video library after 22 January 2019.

You can create a clip in 2 ways:

  1. Creating clips manually

By opening the video > My clips > clicking the green button 'Create Clip'. You can now start creating clips from the video. You then determine the name, description, players and tags of the clip.

  1. Creating clips via a Tag
    1. An action that has been tagged can be converted to a clip (via the Actions/Labels tab) by right-clicking the tag and selecting 'Create Clip'.
    2. You can also use the Actions/Labels tab to search for different actions and then create clips in bulk from them or add them to a playlist. Select various 'Actions' and then click the green 'Create clips' button. A pop-up will open where you can check the tags for which you want to create a clip or add it to a playlist. This way you can, for example, create clips of all the goals you have tagged during a game.

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