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When you see the name of your federation or country in the menu on your left, this means you have players in your club who are internationals. With the FA module you can follow up your youth internationals and A-internationals.

  1. Player overview

Here you get an overview of all your internationals. You can use the filters above to sort your players by team. Click on a player to get all information during his period with the national team. Dependant on your viewing rights you can consult training sessions & game statistics, evaluations, medical follow-up and video analysis.

  1. Planning

In this section you can find the programme (training & games) of all national teams. You can choose to filter by team.

  1. Selections

Here you can find all national team selections. In bold you will see the players of your club. It is also possible to consult the convocation letter of the players.

  1. Students Top Sport School

Get an overview of all your players who are students at an official top sport school. Just like with My Internationals, you can click on a player to get more information about their performance with their school.  

  1. Top Sport schedule

Consult the planning (training sessions & games) of the affiliated top sport schools.

  1. Medical

Get an overview of the medical status of your players while at the national team.

  1. Video library

View videos shared by the video analysts of the national team

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