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Via this page you can manage and set up the Extra-sportive module.


The centre is the name or the project where the players follow their training and where they thus combine school and football. This can be one project or several centres.

You can add a new centre by clicking on the green 'Add' button. You can make changes to a centre by clicking on the yellow button. When you click the blue button 'Schools', a new table appears on the right side where you can link different schools to this centre. This is on the condition that the schools have already been added in the 'Schools' tab (see next step).


You can add a new school by clicking on the green button 'Add'. When you do this, you can add general information about the school. You can change this later by clicking on the yellow button. The blue button allows you to add members per school. The school will then automatically be added in the module 'Administration'.


The extra-sportive training sessions are not always held in the same groups as the evening training sessions at the club. Therefore you can create different groups here and start adding members per group.

You can add students from different schools to the same group.


Under this tab you can add the different residence options. You do this by clicking on the green 'Add' button. Then by clicking on the blue 'Assign members' button, you can add different players to the residence.

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