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You will use these default texts when sending out the test player's schedule to the player's club or to the player himself. Click on the blue button 'Default message' to add the text.

  • Add: To add an extra language

  • Edit: Layout or edit the text

  • Delete: Delete the text and the language
When you are about to send out a schedule to the club, you can choose between the e-mails that are linked to the test player's current club in Administration > Contact persons.

Trial period decisions

At the end of a trial period, you can send a decision to the test player. The default decisions can be added here. When adding a decision, you can also use the blue button 'Default message' to add a default text.


This setting is used to give players an overall rating of performance in the Scouting module. Via Trial Periods, scouting reports or quick ratings, a coach or scout can also use the ratings to assess the performance and potential of the player.

You can add new ratings via the green 'Add' button:

  • Name: The name of the rating

  • Description: Additional information about the rating

  • Background and text colour: The colour of the rating

  • Show on report: When checked, the rating will be shown on the field in the scouting report

Action codes

The follow-up actions that have to be taken after a player has been assessed/scouted can be set from this tab. This action code can be added via Trial periods or via the Player database. When you select 'Recruit' the player will automatically appear in the 'Recruitment' tab when you assign this action code to him.

If a player is in the 'Recruitment' tab, you cannot change the action code as long as he is in 'Recruitment'.

Recruitment phases

Once the recruitment process of a player is started to finalise the connection within the club you can add him in the tab 'Recruitment' (by assigning an action code where 'Recruitment' is checked). Here you can add different phases that the player has to go through in order to make a final transfer. By default, a new player in Recruitment starts in the phase 'Players'.

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