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On this page you can register new tournaments or add tournament editions. It is important to distinguish between own tournaments and external tournaments. To add a tournament, click on the green 'Add' button. As soon as a tournament is created, you can add a new edition in the right-hand table. This can be created via the green 'Add' button on the top right.

On the left you get an overview of all tournaments (own or external) and on the right you see the different editions. By clicking on the yellow pencil icon you can change the data of the tournaments if desired. As mentioned above, we make a distinction between own tournaments and external tournaments. The main difference lies in the creation of a new edition.

Create own tournaments

ProSoccerData has an integration with Tournify for creating & organizing your own tournament. Using this platform will facilitate the organisation of your own tournament. By clicking on the green button 'Planning', you are automatically redirected to the Tournify website for the organisation of the tournament. If you have any questions, click here.

The organisation of your first tournament with Tournify is free of charge (Basic plan). From the organisation of your second tournament you will receive a 30% discount via ProSoccerData.

Create external tournaments

When you are going to add a new edition (click on the green 'Add' button in the right-hand table) you can save all practical and sportive information of the tournament in it.

  • Information: In this tab you can add the general information of the tournament (name, start date, end date, ...)
    • Publish in calendar: Check this box if you want to show this tournament in the club calendar.

  • Sportive: In this tab you can add all sportive information like game format, number of players, number of games, ...
    • Team: Select a team to link the tournament edition to add this event to the game calendar.
    • Staff members: When the team is filled in, all staff members linked to this team are added. Tournament documentation can be shared with these staff members in a later step.

  • Games: On this page, all games of the team at the tournament can be added (including tournament phase).
    • Games where the opponent is not yet known can be added by a staff member when creating the tournament report.
    • Click here to learn more about game reporting of tournament games.

  • Travel information: On this page you can add practical information (transport, distance, ...)

  • Administration: On this page you can add administrative information

  • Documents: On this page you can add documents about the tournament (tournament schedule, tournament rules, practical information, ...)
    • When you check the box next to player or staff in an uploaded document, the player or staff member can view this information. This information can be viewed on the Dashboard in the table 'Next games' clicking on the tournament or via the tab 'Calendar' under Planning.
    • Player: The documents are only visible to the players selected for the tournament.
    • Notification: Staff members and/or players will receive a notification when a document has been shared with them.

Print the information of the tournament by clicking on the blue 'Print' button:

  • All information: A PDF file will be generated with all information about the tournament. When the coach made his selection for the tournament, the list of players and their date of birth will be shown on the last page.

  • Information relevant for players: A PDF file will be generated with information relevant to the player (start date, end date, games, tournament address, ...) 

Send out tournament selection

Before the tournament starts, a staff member can send out the tournament selection. This can be done through the games tab of the Sportive module. Then click on the blue 'Tournament selection' button. When you decide to inform the payers about their selection they will also receive the shared tournament attachments.

Create tournament report

When the tournament has ended, a tournament report can be created by a staff member through the games tab of the Sportive Module. Here you can evaluate the tournament on different domains: general evaluation, games, player performance ratings, medical and team evaluation.

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