Tournament games

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You can make a game preparation and report for all games of a tournament by clicking on the familiar buttons. You can do this in 2 ways:

  • By clicking on a game on the overview page of the tournament edition
  • By unfolding the tournament in the sportive module in the 'Games' tab

Game preparation

In the game preparation of a tournament game, you can enter the same data as in a normal game preparation. In the 'Selection' tab, only the players selected for the tournament are visible. In this tab, you can also specify which players will be starters or substitutes.

More info on the different tabs can be found here.

Game report

A game report for a tournament game is identical to a normal game report in which you can enter the same data. Data already entered in the game preparation will also be included in the game report.

Click here for more info on a game report.

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