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Your dashboard can be set according to your own needs via the pencil icon at the top. This way, you can choose which favorite items (pinned widgets) you want to access first. Non-pinned widgets are automatically displayed below the pinned widgets. There are 2 type of widgets: full-width widgets and half-width widgets. With the latter, you can choose to place 2 widgets side-by-side to save more space on your mobile screen.

Video tutorial

Available widgets

  • Chats: see the last 2 chat messages you received. For more info on the chat functionality, click here.

  • Feedback: check the latest feedback you gave as a staff member or received as a player here. Simply click on it to reply.

  • E-mails: see the last 2 e-mails you received. For more info on the e-mail functionality, click here.

  • Objectives: take a look at your personal objectives or objectives to review as a staff member. For more info on objectives features, click here.

  • Questionnaires: view the 2 most recent questionnaires you have yet to complete. As soon as a questionnaire is completed, it disappears from your dashboard. For more info on questionnaires, click here.

  • Upcoming event: the first upcoming event in your personal calendar.

  • Videos: watch the videos shared with you.

  • Statistics: check your personal statistics as a player like the number of goals, assists, games won and games lost.


Click on the notification icon on the top right of your screen to get an overview of all your notifications. By clicking on the cogwheel icon at the top, you can choose which notifications you want to receive or not.

My profile

By clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner you will get the following options:

  • Select user: easily switch between your different user profiles. For more info click here.

  • Settings: update your profile, change your password, contact your club administrator, ... For more info click here.

  • Log out: click here to log out from all your user accounts

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