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Here you can create different teams.

Add new team

By clicking on the green 'Add' button you can create a new team. A pop-up will immediately open in which you can enter all the information of the team. The name, age and gender of the team speak for themselves. You have to fill these in for each team. The following fields are optional but very useful. If you fill these in, they will be loaded by default when scheduling a game/training session. Of course, you can change them afterwards for each game/training session.

Assign members

You can use the blue 'Assign members' button to determine which players are in this team. It is also very easy to remove players from a team.


By clicking on the green API button behind a specific team, you can link the competition calendar of this team. On the right, a new box will appear where you can synchronize the team with one or more competitions. To get started, click on the yellow 'Edit' button. Next, link the team in PSD with the appropriate team in the API. As soon as you have selected a team (or teams), all competitions that are linked to this team (or teams) will be added in the 'Competition' field. If desired you can always remove a certain competition by clicking on the cross in front of it. Finally click on 'Save' to import all games of these competitions for this team.

It may take several minutes for the games to be imported into the platform.

You can also choose to manually upload the games by clicking on the blue button 'Upload games manually'. A pop-up will open where you can enter general information about the games such as location, pitches, pitch occupation, default dressing room and default dressing room visitors. If you then choose a competition, all the games that are linked to this competition will be shown. Finally click on 'Save' to upload all these games for this team.

Game modifications

When there are modifications to a game in the API (address, game cancelled, time change) everyone linked to this game (players and staff) will get a notification. In order to receive these modifications, the team must be correctly linked.

It is possible that a team in PSD (e.g. U9) has to be linked to several teams in the API (e.g. U9A & U9B). This is for example the case when you put all U9 players in 1 team and want to upload all U9A and U9B games for this team. You then have to select both teams in the API. The competitions of both teams will then be automatically added and uploaded for team U9 in PSD.

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