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To send questionnaires to the players, please follow these 3 steps:

  1. Create value lists
  2. Create questionnaires
  3. Planning the questionnaires

Value list

When creating a value list you have the choice between the type 'Score' or 'Custom':

  • Score: These values are always linked to a fixed numerical value from 0 to ... (fill out maximum). Based on this, all values will be created (from 0 to the maximum number). These values will be instantly linked to a default colour value. When creating this type of value list, you can only change the name of each value (not the colours, value or position in the list)
  • Custom: When adding a value list based on the 'Custom' type, you need to add all values manually. You can then assign a colour and the position in the list.


The following fields must be filled in when creating a new questionnaire:

  • Name of the questionnaire

  • Fill in by coach? give the coach the possibility to fill in the same questionnaire for every player.

  • Expires after: after this time period, the player cannot complete the questionnaire.

Then you have to formulate the questions in the following way:

  • Category: you always have the choice to link a question to one of the default categories (Load - Quality - Other - Sleep - Heart rate).

  • Question: by clicking on the globe you can enter a question.

  • Type: here you have the choice between 'Value list' or 'Text'.
    • Value list: Choose one of the predefined value list (This is always numerical so graphs can be created afterwards).
    • Text: An open text field where the player can enter a free answer.

Add new questions through the green 'Add question' button. Select the stripe-icon on the left and drag and drop it to your desired position.

When deleting a questionnaire, all data and completed questionnaires are deleted.
Fill in by coach?

If you have ticked the 'Fill in by coach?' box in the first part, you can indicate per question whether or not the coach should be able to fill it in.


When (and to whom) you are going to send the questionnaires is set in advance via this tab.

  • Type: you have the choice between 4 types:
    • Game: A questionnaire to be set up before a game. The questionnaire will then be sent out before or after the scheduled game.
    • Training: A questionnaire to be set up before a training sessions. The questionnaire will then be sent out before or after the scheduled training sessions.
    • Other/Sleep quality: A questionnaire not linked to a training session or game, but where you want to get general information from the player (feelings, motivation, fatigue, ...). This questionnaire will always be sent at a fixed time.

  • Questionnaire: you have the choice between one of the created questionnaires.

  • Target group: Who can the questionnaire be sent to? You can enter a team or one (or more) individual players here.

  • Period:
    • Training & Game
      • Start & end: In which period should the questionnaire be sent out? According to your type (training or game), it will be sent before or after each activity.
      • Moment: How many minutes before or after the activity should the questionnaire be sent out?
    • Other & Sleep quality: With the types 'Other' and 'Sleep quality' you cannot define a time period but you can choose to repeat this questionnaire daily, weekly or monthly between the selected periods.
      • Daily: Questionnaire will be sent every day at a certain time.
      • Weekly: Questionnaire will be sent on the selected days at a certain time.
      • Monthly: Questionnaire will be sent at a certain day of the month.

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