Tracking orders

Updated by Amber De Smet

When players place an order via the platform, you can track these orders in the 'Orders' tab. A distinction is made between outstanding and delivered orders.

Outstanding orders

In this tab you can see all outstanding orders of the players. Click on a specific order to view its order details. When an article or all articles of the order are to be delivered, simply check the box to the right of the article. Then click the green 'Deliver' button. When all items of an order have been delivered, the order will automatically be moved to the 'Delivered' tab.

If the order needs to be changed, click on the yellow 'Change pack' button. You can then change the sizes of a particular item. If the order may be removed, click on the red button 'Delete order'.

Delivered orders

This list contains the history of the delivered orders. If an error has been made, you can always cancel a delivery by unchecking a particular item. The order will then automatically be moved back to the outstanding orders.

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