Contact persons

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Via this tab, you can manage the entire contact persons administration and also add new contact persons. Moreover, you determine which columns should be visible via the button 'Customize columns'.

By clicking on a contact person's name or first name, you will be taken to his profile where all the data entered will be centralised.

Add a new contact persons

Click on the green 'Add' button if you want to add a new contact person. In the popup that opens you can search for the contact person by name in the central database. If you find the contact person here, information such as name, first name, date of birth and club will be filled in automatically. If you cannot find the contact person via the search bar, you have to fill in the name and first name yourself.

Modify & export administrative data

By clicking on the orange 'Edit' button you can add, change or delete certain information about a contact person. Via the 'Download' button, you can also export the entire contact persons administration to an Excel file. This can be useful when you need to make adjustments for several contact persons. After the adjustments, you can reload the excel list via Control Panel > Functions > Upload lists > Contact persons.

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