Moving teams on (Functions)

Updated by Niels Mosselmans

At the start of the season, the players will by default play one age category higher. To manually change all players one by one in the team administration would be a rather time-consuming option. To make it easier for you, we have created this function. Here you can transfer all players from a certain team to their new team.

First make sure that all teams are ranked from oldest age category to youngest age category via Control Panel > Settings > Pre-setup > Teams.

Start at the very bottom and place the youngest age category one step higher. (e.g. U9 -> U10A). Now do this for all categories.

If, for example, you move the U12 to U13, click next, then move the U13 to U14 and click next again, all your players from U12 and U13 will be in the U14 group! Therefore it is important to only click on 'Next' once when you have marked all categories.
If there are exceptions (players who play for a longer period in one category), you can change their team in administration.

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