Training types

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There are different types of training in modern football. According to the vision of the club, you can create different types of training on this page. Some examples are fitness, strength or theory training.

All these training types can be created here. By clicking on the green 'Add' button you can add a new type. First you have to fill in the name of the training type + possible translations. Then you have to indicate what type of training it is: an individual training, a group training, a school training or a goalkeeper training.

If it is a school training, you need to have the module 'extra-sportive' to use this training.

Furthermore, you can choose a specific colour for the new training type (this will appear in the club calendar) and you can enter a default length. When you check 'Publish in calendar', the training type will be shown in the club calendar for everybody. When you don't check this box, it will only be shown to participants.

Auto confirm

Via the auto confirm, presences can be saved automatically as soon as the training session is finished. If you set the function to 'Yes', the coach doesn’t need to confirm his attendance after the training session and the attendance statistics are adjusted immediately. The coach can still change the attendance at the end of the training session if a player was absent.

If you set the function to 'No', the coach needs to confirm the attendance after the training session manually (on the application or on the platform).

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