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Via this module, it is possible to export your entire planning to your club website or to the TV screens at the club. Please go through the following steps to start using this module:

  1. Go to Planning > Narrowcasting > Templates and click on the green 'Add' button
  2. Fill in the name of the template
    1. Click here for the code to display training sessions
    2. Click here for the code to display games
  3. Click on the yellow 'Save' button
  4. Go to the Pages tab and click on the green 'Add' button
  5. In the next modal you determine what you want to see on the page and how
    1. Under 'Locations' you can add for example all pitches to display only the home games
    2. Use 'Types' to create a page where only training sessions & activities are displayed
    3. Under 'Period' you determine which days are shown on the page
    4. Finally, select one of the created templates
  6. Click on the yellow 'Save' button
  7. Use the blue 'Preview' button to get a preview of the page
  8. Click on the green button to get the URL that you can post on your club website or TV screens
We recommend that someone with HTML knowledge manage this module!

For more information on the code, download the following file: Narrowcasting.docx

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