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You can use this tab to follow up the results of the players. Select on top a player whose results you want to see. Via the filter on the right you can decide which performance tests you want to see of this player. Finally, you can click on the green button 'Benchmark' to set the desired benchmark. For example, you can compare the results of the selected player with all players of his team, with all players who play on the same position or with one player in particular. Then, for each test, you get an overview of the player's results and the benchmark. The evolution is also shown in a graph.

Compare results

You can also compare the results entered in the Performance module on a player's profile under the 'Performance' tab.

Via the column on the left you can compare the results of the player with a benchmark. You can set this on the basis of an entire team, year of birth or position. This is always an average of all the results of the chosen benchmark. The left chart and table is a comparison between the last result of the player and the chosen benchmark. The right chart and table is a comparison between the player's last result and the results of his previous test. When you click on the date, you can enter a date when a previous test took place. If there was no test on that day the system will automatically look for a result closest to the chosen date.

Calculation of the percentages is based on the following formula:
(value - worst value) / (best value - worst value)

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