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When you click on 'Calendar' at the bottom of the mobile app you can choose between 2 possible calendars: My calendar & Club calendar.

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My calendar

By choosing the shirt button at the top right, you will see your personal calendar. Here you will see all events (training sessions, games and activities) to which you are linked. By clicking on a specific event you will get more information like time, location, comments, presences & absences, ...

Club calendar

At the top right, next to the button for your personal calendar, you will find the button for the club calendar. The club calendar shows all training sessions and games of all teams. You will also find the club's activities such as a dinner party or a training camp. By clicking on a specific event you will see more information.


In both calendars, you can always use the filter button to see specific events and/or teams. In the club calendar, for example, you can display all U14 activities.

Add a game, training session, activity or absence

It is also possible to add a game, training session, activity or absence from the calendar. Of course, this does depend on your rights set by the club administrator. Click on the plus icon at the top and choose the event you wish to add. Then, just like on the web platform, enter all the necessary information. Save by clicking at the top right. The added event will also immediately be visible on the web platform. For more information, click here.

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