Dashboard (medical)

Updated by Silvio Di Mattia

The medical dashboard gives you an overview of the entire medical module. At the top right, you can select which teams you want to see. You can then choose from 2 tabs at the top left, namely Players and Overview & Planning.


In this tab, you will see an overview of the different schedules and which players are in which schedule. If you click on a player, you have the option to either add an injury or consultation for him/her or go to the player's medical profile.

Overview & Planning

In this tab, you get an overview of all changes within the medical department. Using the filter button, you can decide which info you want to see in the overview. This can include consultations, intermediate evaluations, changes in medical statuses and results of medical tests. On the right-hand side, you see the planning of consultations and the training sessions and games of the team you selected at the top.

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