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PSD Mobile app: Functionalities

The principle goal of the PSD mobile app is to facilitate communication and planning within the club. Through the application, the player and trainer can consult their club agenda and all activity changes will be received in real-time. The app also allows you to stay in touch with everyone within the club at any time. Last but not least it is possible for a player to submit training presences via the application. Below we will go over all main functionalities of the app: 

  • My profile: Consult your own profile
  • Club calendar: Consult all club activities
  • My Team: List of your team and staff members
  • My feedback: Receive feedback from your staff and reply them
  • My videos: Watch shared videos
  • Games: Consult game results from your team and other teams
  • Settings: Setup notifications and password
  • Sign out: Sign out from the app

My Calendar

When you tap on the second icon below, the team calendar of your team will appear. Here you get an overview of all your activities where you are expected to be present. Click on an activity to see the activity details (location, dressing room, meeting time,...). For training activities it is also possible to submit presences. 

If one of the activities changes from location, time or gets cancelled within 2 weeks of the scheduled activity, an automatic notification will be send to all team members attached to this activity.


The chat functionality has two options. You can either start group chats (for ex. your team and staff) or you can begin private chats with another club members. The goal here is to centralize all communication via one platform.


On the settings page of the mobile app you can adapt notification preferences or change your password. You can also contact the club admin if you would like to request administrative changes.

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