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You can decide wether you receive notifications from ProSoccerData or not. PSD recommend you to leave all notifications on, but you can choose by clicking on notifications and just select where you want to receive notifications. You can choose between your mobile and mail.

Change password

To change your password simply go to change the password. In the upper bar you type your old password. And in the second two you type your new one.

Note: You always need at least one sign, one capital letter and one sign in your password.

About ProSoccerData

When you click on 'about ProSoccerData' you are redirected to the website of the organization.

Politic and protection of private data.

In this window you can read about the agreement ProSoccerData has to keep your personal data private.

Contact a club administrator

To contact the administrator of your club, just click on it, a new window will appear. Your name and e-mail should already be filled in. Just type your message and send it to the club administrator.

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